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The Sustainable Yield Protocol

YieldTopia is a new ecosystem built from the ground up that offers safe, vetted, and sustainable yield tokens. The ecosystem is powered by its Rebase & DAO token $YIELD, and its algorithmic stablecoin $USDY. Backed by a utility-driven ecosystem designed to scale.

NEW: Nut2Earn.io ($NUT) Presale Aug 9-12

YieldTopia: The safe haven to yield in DeFi.

Why YieldTopia? One word: Scale. It’s the only yield protocol custom-built to have a variety of applications that are designed to bring value to the native token of the ecosystem $YIELD. By constantly bringing additional value to $YIELD we can ensure that our holders are rewarded with a valuable token, making YieldTopia the first sustainable yield protocol. The ecosystem is constantly growing and we're adding more quality, safe, and vetted yield projects.


$YIELD: Rebase & DAO Token (42,069% APY)

$YIELD Is a rebase and governance token that powers the YieldTopia ecosystem. Designed to scale with enhanced with auto-staking, auto-compounding, 5% anti-dump shield limit, and deflationary APY.


$USDY: Rebase Stablecoin (17.54% APY)

$USDY is an algorithmic stablecoin powered by the YieldTopia ecosystem. $USDY offers a safe APY reward system that is 100% backed by BUSD and other stablecoins, 1:1 pegg.


$NUT: Powering Nut2Earn The OnlyFans of Crypto (69% APY)

$NUT Token is the native token to Nut2Earn.io, a Crypto based adult subscription platform, with rewards for creators and viewers.

$NUT Presale

YieldTopian Membership

Who Qualifies? Holders of 20m+ $YIELD.

The YieldTopian membership card grants holders with VIP benefits and special access across YieldTopia. As we are adding more benefits regularly, the holders of the membership card can already enjoy a broad variety of benefits across YieldTopia.

➡️ Priority whitelist to presales/IEOs.

➡️ Early access to beta dapps.

➡️ Members Only Airdrops.

➡️ No Platform Fees Across YieldTopia.

➡️ Governance: Double voting power .

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YieldTopia Ecosystem

YieldTopia Integration: Join the ultimate yield platform.

Are you a rebase/staking project owner? Join the YieldTopia ecosystem today with our free listing & integration path. Enjoy variety of benefits such as: DEX listing, farming & staking pools, marketing, AMAs, Cross-Chain integration with MultiChain, support of our network of partners, and much more! Apply for a free listing & integration today.

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